Welcome! This site provides a detailed overview of the goals and outcomes of the CSU Channel Islands Quality Assurance efforts for the 2018-2019 Academic Year in support of online and blended learning. Previous year reports are available under the ARCHIVES tab.

CSUCI continues its 9 year legacy of growing faculty capacity to design and facilitate humanized and connected online and blended programs.  Despite a complete institutional reorganization, a tragic mass shooting and devastating wildfires, this dolphin pod has continued to thrive.  

2018-2019 Quality Assurance Highlights

  • A Formal Online and Blended Course Review Process
  • A trained and growing team of faculty online course reviewers
  • A workshop to support Peer to Peer Online/Blended Course Observation based on QLT
  • New and Continuing QLT aligned Online and In Person Faculty Support offerings
  • Continued success of our 5 Day Online Workout focused on Accessibility
  • Publication of an online newsletter in support of online teaching
  • Continued demand for our signature Online Teaching (OTPP) and Blended Learning (BLPP) Faculty Preparation Programs
  • Support for online students through Learning Online 101 

Explore our portfolio to learn more about our innovative approach to support high quality and humanized teaching and learning!