At CSU Channel Islands, Teaching & Learning Innovations is a new and growing entity. The growth of this program has come about due to the core belief at CI that, we are here to support student learning, and that teaching and teachers matter. Our original goals were often vague and lofty with a strong underlying message: we needed to build more capacity for online and blended learning without losing the personal touch that had become central to learning at CI.

Our timeline goes back to 2009 when Michael Berman presented a vision for online learning to the President’s Cabinet. In this vision, he provided a framework we could use to grow a cutting-edge program. From this point forward there has been a slow and steady effort to provide support and resources towards innovative teaching practices.

In 2011, this effort officially began with a Teaching & Learning with Technology Initiative and the appointment of an Interim Faculty Coordinator. This was a turning point on campus. We offered our first faculty development focused course redesign program and we began the difficult conversation about changing teaching practices to improve student learning through the use of technology. Since this time, we have passed two Senate Resolutions, prepared 120+ faculty to teach online and blended, opened the Faculty Innovations in Teaching studio, and developed countless resources and opportunities for faculty.

The timeline below provides more details about our history and accomplishments.