We continue to sustain previous efforts and introduce new support opportunities. The table below summarizes faculty who completed Quality Assurance Offerings during 2018-2019.

Pathways to Humanized and Connected Learning     


CSUCI places students at the center of the educational experience.  In fulfillment of this mission, T&LI values its partnership with faculty, in the hope that our collaborative efforts result in student success! For nine years we have been building faculty capacity for quality humanized and connected online teaching.  TLI continues to sustain and expand its support of Faculty at four critical milestones in course development and facilitation.  

  • Design
  • Teach
  • Review
  • Revise

Below is a detailed summary of each of our accomplishments resulting from previous QA funding and sustained through ongoing campus commitments.

Preparation for Online/Blended Course Design and Teaching


Campus Commitment 1 & 2

otpp badgeThose who are preparing to teach blended and/or online classes are encouraged to engage with our core offerings, the Blended Learning Preparation Program (BLPP) and/or our Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP). Fall 2019 will mark our 6th year of OTPP! Both OTPP and BLPP are aligned with QLT.  Unique in its delivery, each  supports authentic online learning  placing faculty in the seat of an online student as they acquire the skills, tools and methods to be effective educators in a digital, connected era. By the conclusion of Summer 2019 BLPP and OTPP completers will include over 165 faculty.  We met our 2018-2019 goal with 20 Faculty completing OTPP and 10 Faculty completing BLPP.

Throughout BLPP and/or OTPP, faculty engage in self-reflection of best practice in online learning environments. Faculty develop a research supported philosophy of online teaching. BLPP participants develop a course map. OTPP participants develop a public ePortfolio of their developing class and plans for QLT alignment.  The initial QLT ePortfolio Faculty Showcase includes 44 faculty submissions.  Reimagined in 2018-2019, the OTPP Faculty Showcase includes over 80 exemplars categorized by QLT section. Each BLPP/OTPP program completer earns a digital badge that details QLT Criteria addressed in each program.  

Teaching and Revision

Tools for Teaching Workshops

Campus Commitment 3

We continue to offer our Tools for Teaching workshops focused on building faculty capacity in both course design and digital tools.  The focus of the ‘how’ (or tool use) and more importantly the ‘why’, or pedagogical applications of the tool in support of learning. 

Online 5-Day Workouts

Campus Commitment 5
Continuing with our facilitated 5-Day Online Workouts faculty engage in asynchronous online learning for twenty minutes a day over five days. Current workouts include: