Our newly adopted Strategic Initiatives require us to expand our online and hybrid courses as a way to contribute to the overall success of our diverse student population. This focus on online learning is going  to demand that more faculty gets rigorously prepared for online and blended teaching. 

Existing Area

  1. Continue with our QLT aligned Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP),- Target: 20 faculty.
  2. Continue requirement of QLT e -portfolios for participants in OTPP. These portfolios demonstrate competency in QLT, are shared publicly, illustrate QLT online course design, building a repository of exemplars for all faculty.
  3. Continue Digital Badges Program:  Microcredentials List QLT Criteria met by recipients  
  4. Continue 5-Day QLT aligned Online Facilitated Workouts (i.e. Accessibility Section 8, Engagement Section 4, Assessment Section 2)
  5. Revisit and Refine Online/Blended Course Review Process
  6. Increase course review team by two faculty
  7. Complete 10 Course Reviews   
  8. Continue Peer to Peer Online/Blended Course Observation workshops (in person and via webinar)  

New Areas

  1. Add 10 online courses by Fall 2020 through our Growing Online Effort
  2. Develop a Quality Assurance Process to ensure New Courses
    • Promote humanized teaching and learning
    • Meet at minimum Core 24 QLT Criteria
    • Meet Accessibility Requirements
  3. List QLT criteria met in offerings for online/blended teaching and learning
  4. Ensure online/blended courses are accessible utilizing ALLY through CI Universal
  5. Ensure TLi faculty development offerings model accessibility requirements and build faculty capacity in accessibility.  

T&LI QA Team – Jill, Megan, and Safa