2018- 2019 Quality Assurance Campus Goals

Our Graduation Initiative 2025 Campus Plan acknowledges the need to expand online and blended courses as a way to contribute to the success of our diverse student body.  This action step demands that more faculty be prepared for online and blended teaching. Having this in mind, we  established our goals for 2018-2019 building upon past initiatives while expanding our offerings.

A Focus on Course Review

CSU Channel Islands has been building capacity for quality for online and blended programs by focusing on the preparation of faculty over the past 6 years.  Building on the success of our Online Teaching (OTPP) and Blended Learning (BLPP) Preparation Programs, our project plan for 2018-2019 focused on developing and scaling a process for Online and Blended Course Review. 

Goals achieved during 2018-2019 are listed below

Continuing Quality Assurance Goals:

  1. Expand our highly demanded Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP), QLT aligned- Target: 20 faculty. Add a Summer Cohort option.
  2. Continue with our Blended Learning Preparation Program (BLPP) QLT aligned- – Target: 10 faculty (Cohort 9 – summer 2018).  
  3. Continue with our Digital Badges Program: participants that complete BLPP or OTPP  will receive a Digital Badge that explicitly acknowledge the QLT rubric.
  4. Continue 5-Day Online Facilitated Workouts aligned with QLT and develop new courses to add to the existing series(i.e. Accessibility Section 8 and Engagement Section 4) collect and analyze data to establish the relationships between QLT, our BLPP & OTPP, and students’ outcomes.
  5. Infuse our Canvas training (face to face & online) with QLT principles.

New Quality Assurance Goals:

  1. Scale and support Formal Online Course Review: to assure online courses are high quality and fully accessible.
  2. Highlight QLT alignment in all faculty resources (website, trainings, support documents, course shells, etc)
  3. Extend our BLPP Summer Institute to include face-to-face faculty seeking to enhance courses with technology.