The campus maintains quality in online and blended courses supporting our successful Faculty Innovations in Teaching (FIT) Studio, and funding BLPP and OTPP. The Teaching and Learning Innovations (TL&I) Team provides “ongoing support” for our online, blended and technology-enhanced efforts.

During Summer 2018, following submission of our 2018-2019 QA Proposal, we experienced a significant reorganization in which Teaching Innovations (T&I) was disbanded, housing Instructional Technology (IT) with Business Services and  moving Teaching & Learning Innovations (T&LI) to Academic Affairs.  With this move, T&LI became responsible for Faculty Development in all course modalities campus wide.  However, we have yet to hire a Faculty Development Director, and have had interim faculty support fulfilling this role on a part-time basis.  

Quality Assurance Leads

In Fall 2018, Megan Eberhardt-Alstot, transitioned from the role of CODEL Instructional Designer to T&LI Learning Designer and Quality Assurance Lead.  In addition to developing and managing Course Review, she facilitates the first course in OTPP, Humanizing Online Learning, and coordinates faculty development efforts for online and blended courses.  

In Fall 2018, Dr. Safa Khan, took over as the Faculty Lead for CI Quality Assurance. Safa is a part time faculty member in the Chemistry Department and an experienced online instructor. She facilitates How to Design Your Online Course, the second course in OTPP and is part of the CSUCI Course Review Team.  

Core T&LI Team

  • Jill Leafstedt- Associate Vice Provost of Innovation and Faculty Development 
  • Lorna Gonzalez  – CODEL Instructional Designer, Lecturer School of Education, Course Review Consultant
  • Ben Hytrek – Instructional Technologist
  • Michael McGarry-Instructional Technology Lead,  Canvas Admin
  • Kristi O’Neil (Staff) – Instructional Technologist/ T&LI Lead for Accessibility
  • Amanda Timpson – Administrative Analyst

Course Reviewers 

  • Rachael Jordan – English
  • Sergio Juarez – Communications
  • Maria Ballesteros-Sola – Business

Supporting Partners

  • Jacob Jenkins – (Faculty) Open CI Lead
  • Jaime Hannans  – (Faculty) – OpenCI Lead, BLPP Facilitator
  • Sean Kelly  – T&LI Faculty Fellow 2018-19
  • Talya Drescher – T&LI Faculty Fellow 2018-19