OLC Team Presentation

OLC Innovate 2019 Conference Presentation


The TLI Team presented Faculty Development pathways at CI specifically focused on supporting high quality teaching and learning in all modalities:  Online, Blended and Face-to-Face.  The presentation on support strategies focused on empowering faculty by removing the barriers of Failure, Frustration, Forgetfulness, Finding time, and Futility.

SIG Presentations

Canvas SIG Presentation

Badgr + Canvas = Access

This presentation focused on the integration of Badgr with Canvas to issue digital badges to document completion of faculty development offerings.  Badgr's Pathways feature allows faculty to complete more intensive programs such as OTPP at a pace that fits individuals needs.  Additionally, QLT specific alignment can be documented in the microcredentials assigned to each badge.  Finally, badge issuance provides a secondary system for verifying faculty completion data.  Specific information regarding our Pilot is included in the slide presentation below:

Instructional Design (ID) SIG Presentation

Slack it to Me!

In collaboration with Deb Perry from San Francisco State, this presentation focused discussion around the use of an ID Slack team to share resources and collaboration around online and blended course design, facilitation, and quality assurance resources.  Based on common needs and projects shared in ID SIG Meetings the need for a common space to collaborate seemed possible and Slack seemed a possible free platform for supporting synchronous and asynchronous sharing.  The presentation below considers the affordances and limitations of such a platform.  An ID Slack Base has been created.


DET/CHE Presentation

2018 DET/CHE Collaboration

Letting the Elephant Out of the Closet!  Building a Culture of Quality Through QLT Course Reviews and Cerfications


This collaboration featured the types of course review being offered through individual institutions and the Chancellor's Office.  Quality Assurance featured work being done at the Chancellor's Office, Stansislaus and CSUCI.  CSUCI shared its approach to faculty choice and voice in course review by offering three pathways through review.

Blog Series

During the 2018-2019 academic year we continued sharing our weekly blog posts written by T&LI team members and CI faculty reflecting on the use of the technologies and innovative methods in their classes.



The dOLphin

Spring 2019 we launched, The dOLphin, an online newsletter in support of faculty teaching online/blended.  Published twice a semester, articles include a Faculty Spotlight featuring the work and perspective of a currently online instructor at CI, a teaching tip focused on pedagogical best practice, and a featured tool and its pedagogical application.  The next installment will be out in Fall 2019. 

Faculty Showcase

The Showcase reflects CSUCI’s emphasis on Humanized online and blended learning and includes links to our Humanized Course Design Resources. Faculty ePortfolio submissions are created and submitted in Canvas in an effort to model course design within Canvas.  The Showcase serves as a repository of QLT aligned course features, evidence of faculty preparedness to design QLT aligned courses, and a resource for other campuses and institutions looking for ways to integrate QLT with course development in Canvas. Currently the showcase includes over 80 exemplars categorized by QLT section.  Use the button below to visit The Online Faculty Showcase!

"Although this project seemed a bit daunting at first, once I began I realized that the planning and implementation that went into designing the course provided ready examples for engaging in this method of assessment. Ultimately, I feel like the this QLT assessment is as much a reflection of what I've leaned through BLPP, OTPP, and other T&LI programs as it is of my ability to put what I've learned into practice."

-QLT ePortfolio participant.