What went as planned?

We are excited about the growth of our support activities and the growing community of CI faculty members that are fearlessly embracing and exploring the use of technology and digital tools in their online, blended and even in their face- to-face classes.

Demand for OTPP has exploded. Adding a summer section has allowed us to meet this need. We evaluated our Blended Learning Program and decided to modify it to be a summer institute where faculty blend, flip, or enhance their courses through redesign. The redesign of the faculty showcase is now aligned with our LMS and easier for faculty to contribute to and visit. Being thoughtful about Course Review has allowed us to build multiple pathways for faculty, so they receive the support and feedback they need. We also hired a wonderful Learning Designer, Megan Eberhardt-Alstot. She will be overseeing this area and working closely with our QA Lead, Safa Khan.

The T&LI team keeps growing and supporting CI Quality in Online Teaching & Learning efforts.

What support/ideas would you offer other campuses?

  • Focus on the students. Faculty are more responsive to transformative approaches to teaching through technology when they can see how they may impact student learning and engagement.
  • Facilitate the creation of an organic community of learners. Trust faculty, give them the tools and support they need, and change will follow.
  • Showcase your faculty accomplishments (small and big).
  • Incentivize your faculty, both in tangible and intangible ways.
  • Be inclusive. Many faculty are unavailable for face-to-face events. Leverage technology to create just-in-time digital resources and include a remote participation option for events when possible.
  • Provide multiple pathways for faculty to engage and continue learning.
  • Keep it simple and always ask for feedback!